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Which is Better Private School or Public School

It takes a village to raise a child. - African Proverb


School is an institution where our kids well learn a lot of things that could help them become more responsible and productive citizens in our society. It is the place where education is given importance as our kids learn values, knowledge and necessary skills that may be of great help by the time they’ll become adults. It is the place where our kids will experience memorable moments that they’ll cherished in the years to come and it is also a playground where they’ll get involve with series of extra-curricular activities that will hone their socialization skills. The school also gives our kids the opportunity to further hone their God-endowed talents like in music, arts, sports and the likes. The possibilities that will benefit our kids are indeed endless. Since school is important sometimes we are stucked with this question: What is better Public School or Private School? Having taught already in private school and studied in public school, I have an Bird's eye view of  which is better. However, I can only speak of the setting here in the Philippines same scenario might be happening in other countries or otherwise different.

Pros and cons of Attending in Private School

Security – Most private schools have tighter security than that of their counterpart which is the public schools. Private schools tend to hire more security guards because they have the luxury doing so.

Quality of Students – Most students that attend in a public school are rich, and some of them are spoiled brats, sorry for the French. These kinds of students are the ones that make life difficult for teachers and even to their classmates as they are often involve in troubles in the school. Teachers here should know the classroom management well to prevent any untoward event to happen.

Quality of Teachers – Some private schools here in the Philippines hire unlicensed teachers. However this scene is slowly being phased out since the Department of Education and Culture and Sports (DECS) are now strict with the hiring of the private school’s teaching personnel Things seemed to be equal though for qualities of work dished out by these teachers are constantly monitored, in other words, private school teachers can pass the standards and perhaps better.

Facilities – In Philippines, The private school facilities including computer rooms, laboratories, and sports are considered to be better than that of the public schools.

Quality of Lessons Taught – The lessons taught in private school tends to be more advance than that of the public schools, however no matter how advance the lesson, execution still plays a vital part  Lessons should be given and taught by the teachers to the best of abilities and make sure that students learn and mastered the lesson well.

Moral Values – Private Christian schools tends to be conservative and protective with norms and standards they set and implements. Most Christian Schools here in the Philippines produces well-behaved students.

Pros and cons of Attending in Public School

Security – Elementary Schools normally doesn’t experience any problems with security, however, there is a big problem in public high school here in the Philippines. Since children came from families with different social background, more brotherhoods and fraternities seemed to develop and it is disturbing. 

Quality of Students – Public school is a mixture of extremes, meaning it is an institution where you can find the very bright students and at the same time the ones that find learning very difficult. In most national contest such as Quiz Bee, news writing and the likes students from public schools normally takes the highest plum although the students from private are also very capable. The very bright students of the public school have a small edge over that of the students in private school.
Quality of Teachers – All teachers here in the Philippines are Board Passers, but since they are not constantly monitored with their respective principal or superiors, public school teachers tend to get relaxed, be succinct and sometimes tend to be lsluggish in giving out a decent and comprehensive lesson plan that they could use to teach students effectively. But this observation doesn’t tend to generalize but in most cases, this state of the behavior with respect to public teachers is common here.

Facilities – In Philippines, the facilities of the public school lags behind that of the private school, no doubt. But since there are more bright students and very innovative teachers in the public school, resourcefulness and creativity makes both ends meet in terms of using present resources and even indigenous to compensate for what is lacking

Quality of Lessons Taught – Private schools definitely have the edge, but many public high schools have special Science section that could compete with that of the private school.
Moral Values – since public schools tend to be the melting pot of different students with different status in life most likely there are some students that lack manners and this can cause domino effect on the other classmates and students. But overall the public school teachers will exhort to all kinds of effective teaching method and employ classroom management to correct and erect right values needed by the students.

Conclusion: Practicality, school’s security, and quality of teachers, facilities and environment will truly determine your choice of school which will suit your kids.
Sometimes the place to attend school is not the issue, because what will boils down at the end is what your kids learned, and acquired in his school. Student factor is still the best, your kid is still the one that earns the grade and if he gets very lucky then even obtain accolades. It is also advisable that parents regularly monitor the performance of their kids and offer the much-needed help in aiding them to understand their lessons. If these is resolved you can now scrutinize which best suits your kids best.

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  1. For me, elementary and private schools are both great institutions of learning for kids. It's just that private school exceeds public schools in providing books and classrooms that is great for learning. It's the parent's task to find the best elementary schools in metro manila.