Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paskong Pinoy (Christmas in the Philippines)

I was tagged by my my friend  to tell my readers why Christmas is best spent here in the Philippines.

And since I have not so lots or readers from other countries, I want to share with you how we celebrate Christmas here!
1. Christmas Starts in September!
The 31st of August is the Eve of Christmas Season (not day) here in the Country.
And every year, when the clock strikes 12:01 of September 1, you’ll hear radio stations playing Christmas Carols.. signaling the start of the Holiday Season here in the Philippines.
And you’ll hear some people  already greeting each other “Merry Christmas!”
2. Christmas Parties!!!!
Christmas Parties are everywhere.
You have a party at school, faculty; with friends -  even online friends; batch mates (which also coincides with your reunion); Company party – Division Party, Department Party; Organization – YFC, CFC; neighborhood association; clan reunion cum Christmas party; and of course, your “party” with your family during Christmas Day
3. Pinoy Christmas Food!
Even the poorest of the poor here in the Philippines sees to it that they have something on their table to celebrate Christmas!
Those who “can afford” would prepare a feast where the food would usually last for 2 to 3 days!
4. Christmas Carols!
 You’ll hear a lot of Carolers singing Christmas tunes even if they’re not in tune! hahahhaha
And during Christmas day, you’ll hear them sing just one line of a Christmas song and say “namamasko po” – asking  for some Holiday goodies.
5. Holiday crowd and traffic
 Holiday season is Peak season for business. So its normal to see flocks and herds of people at the Malls or in Quiapo and Divisoria (where there are lots of Chinese and Muslim traders) doing their Christmas shopping.
During Christmas time, expect heavy traffic! Why? Coz a lot of inaanaks (God child) would go to their ninong and ninang (God Parents in english – right? – in a wedding, you call them male and female sponsors) to get their holiday gifts!
I will be spending the Holidays in Calapan City- together with my family. But its still within the Philippines.

Hey, I hope to read “Christmas in…” from my dear readers from other countries as well. Please post your links on the comments section! Thanks!

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  1. Christmas in the Philippines is no doubt not only the longest but even the warmest! Advance Merry Christmas and God bless! :)