Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TOP 10 Reasons Why There is "Poor Philippines"

Poverty is a multi-dimensional problem, there is no main source, and most certainly  no magic wand to fix it, but there are factors that contribute to poverty, and some factors are greater than others. It's a pity Philippines was the pearl of Asia 40 years ago, envied by its neighboring countries for its beauty, economic strength and military prowess, now its just another poor country trying to get by.
Here's the  top 10  reasons why  Philippines is poor.

10. Brain Drain- Hm.. if your wondering, what the hell is brain drain? Well  it's a large-scale immigration of individuals with technical skills or knowledge. Guess what, that's exactly what happened to the Philippines. For example. I have two aunts living in US, both of them incredibly smart, they are teachers who graduated from U.P..... which means the Filipino people paid  for their education, but their not teaching Filipinos. The ones reaping the benefits are young Americans. The lack of skilled workers in the Philippines cannot compensate what money the OFW's are sending, although it is true that the OFW's are the ones keeping the economy afloat, it is  actually doing more harm than good.

9. Lazy- Please, please, please admit it, we Filipinos in general are lazy. We have the Ma├▒ana habit (Bukas na lang) , the Filipino time and "Mamya ko na lang gagawin habit" . And this is not new. When Spain occupied the Philippines, the Spaniards had one prominent comment to the Filipino farmers, "perezoso indios" it means "Lazy Filipinos". Filipino farmers back then were most of the time idle. They would huddle in a group and drink tuba and talk about nonsense. A hundred years later same shit still applies, and speaking of work rate per-hour we are sl-o-w, compared to other countries.   

8. Crab Mentality- This one is just sad!!! When we see someone going up, we try to pull them back down. Although this mentality is slowly fading..it's still there.Come on guys, we should be happy if another person is succeeding. Where we got this nonsense I don't know.

7.Type of economy - 30 long years after the Second World War, our leaders adopted economic policies that fostered an inward-looking, import-substitution industrialization based on protectionist, anti-market, and ultra-nationalist ideologies not very different from what most Latin American countries implemented with the same dire consequences. Over-reacting to our colonial past (as did the Latin Americans), we equated economic development with capital-intensive industrialization that did nothing to address our massive unemployment and underemployment problem blah,blah,blah.... In a nutshell WE SHOULD BE AN AGRICULTURAL COUNTRY, EXPORTING AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS,Not thousands of call center companies investing in our country.

6. War in Mindanao- Others don't want to say it, but the war Mindanao is so taxing that when they do all sorts of nonsense down there our economy slides right away, the value of dollar goes up, Nasdaq goes down. Specially when the Muslim rebels kidnap foreigners.It just makes the Philippines  look bad for investors and tourists that are planning to come. Mindanao is a place blessed with great beaches, fruitful lands and rich marine life, just imagine if Mindanao was peaceful.

5. Lack of discipline- Jail walking is a perfect example to show Filipinoslack of discipline. Filipinos would rather risk their lives crossing a super highway than use an overpass. We Filipino's also like to litter...WE LOVE IT. Specially in Mega Manila.. holly crap everybody just litters everywhere. NO DISCIPLINE. If we can't have discipline with these small things then f@ck it, were doomed.


4. Media- Wahahaha.. I HATE THE NEWS!!!!!! Specially ABS-CBN and GMA news. Why? Because they only report the bad news. It kinda goes like this.  

Bad News
Mike Enriques: Excuse me poh... nagtaas nanaman ang singil sa kuryente, dahil dito magtataas na rin ang bigas, delata, sabon,posporo tinatayang wala na pong pag asa ang Pilipinas.

Good News
Mike Enriques: Nagbaba po ang singil sa kuryente....sa ibang balita naman po.. hinahanap na po ang pumatay kay.....

See the difference the media here in the Philippines just LOVE....... to broadcast bad news. But when something good happens they just miraculously don't go into detail. Or sometimes don't report it at all. They don't cause poverty but they sure make us poor and hopeless. Lol


                                                  (GO USA, GO USA)
3.To much freedom and democracy- Sorry but what we Filipino have been fighting and dying  it also one of the main reason why we are poor. Democracy is for people who are disciplined, unlike us. How many times have we pushed for freedom...and how is it? Remember the time we were under Marcos rule?We didn't have much freedom but it worked.. our economy was good.

2. Education- Although foreigners come to our country to study,our public schools lack in so many things..text book, teachers, classrooms. Not to mention the quality of education is just simply poor. In fact we are the only ones in Asia that has  4 years high school . That's why K12 is being pushed. Education is the solution to poverty.period. If we better our education system in the Philippines..really dwell  on it. We can and will see progress in our nation.

                     (GLORY DAYS LOL..)  
1. Corruption- I know, its crazy, our officials are corrupt to the bone but they keep winning the elections. So how does it work? It kinda goes like; The National Government gives funds to local government for road widening for 10 miles, local Mayor receives the funds, he then starts the construction for 5 miles road widening. Where does the other 5 go? In his pocket!!! That scam and other amazing scams our officials think of to steal our hard earned money.

 Here are some scams our great leaders pulled right in front of us.

Justice Secretary Hernando Perez receiving $2 Billion bribe money
Macapagal Buolevard
Jose Pidal bank account
Fertilizer Scam
Euro Generals
ZTE scams
and the latest cinema-drama; AFP Pabaon, starring retired AFP Chief of Staffs and their wives.

and more to come.....

I believe that corruption is the greatest factor why we are poor. Remove this problem and we can finally say hello to progress.


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