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World Prelaunch

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The concept behind World Prelaunch is simple. Users simply recruit other members, who then go onto recruit other members. A similar concept has already been launched, known as the Empower Network. This one network managed to yield profits of over $20 million for it’s members. However, World Prelaunch is a world-first new network affiliate marketing opportunity, and is set to be much more powerful than the Empower Network.
To learn more about the World Prelaunch, or to begin building your own team, head over to World Prelaunch where you can sign up completely free. You can sign up here: http://worldprelaunch.com/joxcaoli

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Puerto Galera's White Beach Guide 2012: How to Get There?

How to Get There?
Puerto Galera -26-1.jpgPuerto Galera's White Beach is just 3 hours away from Manila. It is the closest to the city and one of the nicer beach party places from Manila because most of the great beaches in Batangas are privately owned.
One of my apprehensions about going to Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival was I didn't know how to get to the Batangas Port, which boat to take and how much budget we needed to get to White Beach.
Here's a recommendation on how to get to White Beach..
Puerto Galera -100-1.jpgYou drive all the way to the Port of Batangas, which is about 90kms away or 2 hours' driving distance from Nichols/C5. Take the last exit of the Star Tollway and just go straight, following the signs to Batangas Port.
Puerto Galera -98-1.jpgThe total toll fee is P306, broken down into SLEX (P214), SLEX extension (P25) and STAR Tollway (P67).
Puerto Galera -97-1.jpgYou can decide to Park & Sail inside Batangas Port.
Puerto Galera -96-1.jpgThe parking fee is P23 per 2 hours, P155 for 24 hours and P6 per hour after 24 hours.
Puerto Galera -93-1.jpgThe boats to Puerto Galera are stationed in Terminal III of the Batangas Port.
Puerto Galera -80-1.jpgThere are three boat operators to consider: Gallerian (Blue Boats), Father & Sons (Yellow Boats) and Minolo (Red Boats).
Puerto Galera -84-1.jpgFather & Sons has a much better boat operation but with older boats.
Puerto Galera -24-1.jpgWe would recommend Minolo because of its brand new fleet.
Puerto Galera -1.jpgIn Terminal III, go to the Minolo Shipping Lines booth and order the Round Trip Ticket to White Beach, which is P450/head (versus the one-way fare of P250).
Only thing about Minolo Shipping Lines is that the trip to White Beach sometimes passes through Sabang first --- it is not a straight trip.
Puerto Galera -3-1.jpgAfter getting your ticket, you have to pay an Environmental User's Fee of P50 per head.
Puerto Galera -4-1.jpgFinally, you go to the Terminal Ticket Counter to pay the terminal fee of P30/head.
Puerto Galera -7-1.jpgYou wait for your boat in the terminal and exit in Gate 2B. The last trip to White Beach is at 5pm.
Puerto Galera -13-1.jpgMinolo has the biggest boat named Golden Vulture, with an authorized capacity of 150 passengers.
Puerto Galera -18-1.jpgLife vests are not worn inside the boat, but they are just within reach.
Puerto Galera -22-1.jpgGolden Vulture has a very powerful but noisy engine -- it took us just under an hour to get to Puerto Galera. It usually takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach White Beach.
Puerto Galera -28-1.jpgYou have to confirm your Minolo roundtrip ticket back to Batangas at the Minolo Shipping Lines Ticketing Booth (in front of V.M. Resort area) one day before departure.
Puerto Galera -79-1.jpgThe Minolo Shipping Lines people are quite friendly and helpful. :)
Puerto Galera -85-1.jpgFrom White Beach, you can choose to board the 6:00, 7:30, 10:30, 12:15, 3:00 or 4:00 (holidays only) boat back to Batangas Port.
As a rule of thumb, make sure to take your boat trips in the morning to avoid the rough seas in the afternoon.
Puerto Galera -90-1.jpg
The best seats are the ones in the middle so that you are facing front. Don't sit near the katig and on the right side where water would usually enter.
Puerto Galera -88-1.jpg
The Golden Condor is a smaller and slower boat. It took us 1 hour and 15 minutes to arrive at the port.
Minolo Shipping Lines
WebsiteMinoloShippingLines.comTelephone: +63 43 287-3614
Mobile Numbers:
Marian Datinguinoo (White Beach): +63 905-312 6534
Marivic Anilao (White Beach) +63 915 494-5323
Puerto Galera -37-1.jpgBased on our trip, here's the total cost to go to Puerto Galera's White Beach:
  • Toll Fees (SLEX and STAR Tollway End-to-End): P306
  • Parking Fees (Park & Sail): P155 per 24 hours and P6/hour after.
  • Boat Fees (Roundtrip ticket, EUF, and Terminal Fee): P530/head
  • One full tank of gas
From Manila, SLEX and STAR Tollway is about 1 hour and 30 minutes drive. Allot 30 minutes for the Batangas port terminal procedures and around one hour for the boat trip.

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Water Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

Many people look far and wide for the most effective weight loss plan available, but the truth is, there is no need to crash diet, to starve yourself, or to take the risk of diet pill side effects to lose weight. Yes, it is hard to exercise and to maintain a healthy diet, and even though they are effective, they make the road to weight loss a little too long. Thankfully, you can get help from the planet’s most abundant substance: water. So if you find yourself eating all the right foods and exercising right but still have a few pounds left to shed, you probably just need to increase your water intake.
Water Diet
                                   photo credit: Greg Riegler Photography

We all know what health experts say: drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Most of us take this advice for granted, not knowing the full benefits the water diet has in store.

Water Diet Boosts Metabolism

Water hydrates the body and keeps your organs and muscles working at their peak states. It is basically the body’s fuel. Here’s just one example of how important water is to the body and how it can contribute to weight loss. Water is essential for the kidneys to work properly. If the kidneys do not get enough water, it won’t work well, leaving the liver to do all the work in metabolizing fats in the body. This makes it hard for the liver to do its job 100% right, so it doesn’t metabolize all the fats. Instead, the excess fats get stored up, resulting in weight gain.
In other words, water diet boosts your metabolism, helping your body convert fat into energy faster. Thus, water helps you lose unwanted weight and maintain your peak energy at the same time. According to studies, increased water intake can make your metabolism burn calories up to 3% faster.

Water Diet Keeps Hunger at Bay

When you feel thirsty, you also tend to feel hungry. So if you don’t get enough water, the more tempted you will be to binge and eat larger meals. But if you drink water regularly, you won’t feel hungry as often, making it easier for you to control your weight.
This is also why water diet advocates recommend drinking a glass of water 15 minutes before meals and taking a few sips in between bites. The extra water makes you feel full, so you won’t be tempted to overeat.

Reminders on How to Make Your Water Diet Successful

Drinking more water alone cannot help you lose weight. Remember that water only helps your body burn fat faster and helps you control your portions. But to really lose weight, you also need to eat the right foods and to exercise.

Also, drinking more water than you’re used to may at first be difficult to adjust to. You will probably find yourself running to the bathroom more often. Some people get discouraged by this, but instead of taking it negatively, you should actually welcome the change. After all, it’s not water leaving your body. Having to go to the bathroom more often means that your body is flushing out more toxins, those that your body has been storing all these years, as well as the extra water it’s been holding on to, those that accumulate around your ankles and thighs. So just hang in there; as your body gets used to your new water diet, you will be going to the bathroom less.

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Mangyan is the general name for the indigenous tribes who  live in the provinces of  Mindoro.  Ten  percent of the total population of the people who live in Mindoro are Mangyans. Before Spain conquered the Philippines, the Mangyans were already practicing the “barter trade” with the Chinese, who traveled to the shores of Mindoro using their ancient boats. The Mangyans traded their local products of cotton, root crops, medicinal plants and bees-wax for beads, gongs, plates and jars.

Anthropological studies revealed that the Mangyans have eight tribes that may look the same but have different cultures and traditions.  They are:


The name Alangan was derived from the name of a river and mountain slopes in the upper Alangan Valley.
They live in the tows of Baco, Naujan, San Teodoro and Victoria in Oriental Mindoro and Sablayan, which is located in Occidental Mindoro. The Alangan women, who still practice the old tradition, wears an upper garment called ulango.  Some of them wear a red kerchief called limbutong, which is worn over the ulango. For their skirt, they wear the lingeb. It is made from woven cloth and is worn together with abayen - the Alangan’s version of the Aeta’s bahag. The men on the other hand, wear g-strings with fringes in front.
They practice swidden farming, but allow the clearing to be restored for a couple of years. Their practice of allowing the clearing to go back to its old form helped preserve the forests of Mindoro. Swidden farming is also practiced by the other seven tribes.
Betel nut chewing or the chewing of nga-nga is part of the Alangan men and women’s tradition. For them, chewing betel nut prolongs hunger. This practice has a social dimension too. The exchange of its ingredients signify social acceptance between the two parties who conduct the trade.


The Bangons have their own culture, language and writing system that is different from the other seven major Mangyan tribes in Oriental Mindoro. Because of thorough studies, anthropologists have proven that the Bangons should be classified as a different group and therefore should be separated from the Tau-buid Mangyans - the group where the Bangons used to belong.
They live along the Bongabon River and the surrounding mountains located within the towns of Bongabong, Bansud, and Gloria in Oriental Mindoro.


The word Buhid, when translated to English, literally means mountain dwellers. They, together with the Hanunoo-Mangyans, posses a pre-Spanish syllabic form of writing system.
The Buhid Mangyans live in the towns of Roxas, Bansud, Bongabong and some parts of Mansalay in Oriental Mindoro, and in the municiplaities of San Jose and Rizal in Occidental Mindoro.
They are the best among the other seven tribes of Mangyan when it comes to pot making. And because of their expertise, the Alangans and Hanunoos purchase the products of the Buhids.
The women wear black and white upper garment called linagmon and a skirt they call abol. Women who are single put body ornaments such as braided nito belt, beaded headband, earrings with a blue thread, beaded bracelet and beaded long necklace.
The men, on the other hand, wear g-strings or bahag. They also put body ornaments like long beaded necklace, tight choker and beaded bracelets. They also carry an accessory bag called bayong, which shelters personal things like knife and comb. Both the males and females carry a bayong often.


The Hanunoo Mangyans live in the towns of Bulalacao, Mansalay and some parts of Bongabong in Oriental Mindoro, and in the town of San Jose in Occidental Mindoro.
They, like the Buhids and Hanunoo-Mangyans possess a pre-Spanish writing system, considered to be of Indic origin, with characters, expressing the open syllables of the language. This syllabic writing system, called Surat Mangyan, is still being taught in several Mangyan schools in Mansalay and Bulalacao.
Their clothing is similar to the other tribes of Mangyans. The male wears a bahag or loincloth and a shirt they call balukas, while the females wear ramit or indigo-dyed short skirt and a blouse they call lambung. They also carry the bayong that carries most of their personal belongings. The hagkos is their version of the belt bag.
The men sport long hair, which is tied with a cloth they call panyo. The women also sport long hair and accessorize it with headbands made of beads. They also wear necklaces and bracelets made of beads.
Like the Alangans, the Hanunoos also practice swidden farming. A study on the Mangyans’ way of farming was conducted in 1995 and it revealed that their practice prevented land deterioration.


The Iraya is the tribe who lives in the beaches of Puerto Galera, San Teodoro and Baco in Oriental Mindoro. However, most of them live in Occidental Mindoro, in the towns of Mamburao, Sta. Cruz, Abra de Ilog and Paluan.
The Irayas look quite different from the other seven Mangyan tribes. They have curly to kinky hair and dark skin, but could easily be distinguished from the Aetas, who are the most predominant indigenous tribe of the Philippines.
Their ancient clothing is exactly the same as that of the Hanunoos. Today, most of the Irayas wear a civilized outfit.
The Irayas are expert in nito-weaving and other handicrafts that are derived from nito like trays, plates, jars and cups of different sizes.


Most of the Ratagnons live in Magsaysay, Occidental Mindoro. Like the Bangons, the Ratagnons have a unique language that is similar to the Cuyunon dialect that is spoken by the people who live in Cuyo Island in the northern part of Palawan.
The Ratagnon women wear a wrap-around cotton cloth from the waistline to the knees. Even if most of them are immersed to modern culture, there are still some males that wear the traditional g-string or bahag and wear a jacket with simple embroidery during gala festivities. The women’s breast covering is made of woven nito or vine.  Like the Alangans, they also chew Betel nuts often. They always carry a flint, tinder and other paraphernalia that could produce fire.


The Tadyawan Mangyans live in the towns of Naujan, Victoria, Socorro, Pola, Gloria, Pinamalayan, and Bansud.
Their ancient clothing is similar to the other Mangyan tribes. Most of them used to wear accessories like bracelets and necklaces made of beads. But today, most of the Irayas wear a civilized outfit.  The Tadyawan, like the other Mangyan tribes, depend on swidden farming. And like the Irayas, their steady diet consists of rice, banana, sweet potato, and other root crops.


Most of the Taubuid Mangyans live in Occidental Mindoro, but there are some who live in the towns of Socorro, Pinamalayan and Gloria, Oriental Mindoro. The Bangon Mangyans used to be part of the Tau-buid tribe before anthropologists found out that the Bangons have a separate culture, language and writing system in 1996.
If the Alangans are known to chew Betel nuts throughout the day, the Tau-buids, on the other hand, are known to smoke in pipes all day! Teenagers of the tribe can smoke anytime they want to.

The tribe’s men and women wear loincloth that is made by extracting, pounding and drying the inner bark of several trees. Some of the women who live in the lower part of the mountains wrap a knee-length cloth around their bark bra-string, while the men wear cloth instead of bark. However, bark cloth is still worn by both men and women in the interior. It is also used as breast covers, headbands and blankets.

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Bago Ito: An Income Opportunity for 2012

Ang Text Cash Network ay isang opportunity para kumita ng extra income online. Paano? Alam po natin na multi-billion dollar business ang mobile communications lalo na ang text. Bukod sa mura ang pagsend ng text ay alam naman natin na halos lahat ng tao sa mundo ay mayroon ng cellphone, lalo na tayong mga Pilipino. Sa pamamagitan ng Text Cash Network (TCN), ang mga advertisers ay pwede magsend ng text ads sa inyong cellphone. Minimum of 5 ads lang po per day ang pwede nyong mareceive so no need na mag-alala na matatambakan ng texts ang inyong phone. Para kumita po, imbitahan nyo ang mga kakilala nyo na magsign-up sa TCN para makareceive din sila ng Ads. Sa ganoon matutulungan nyo din sila kumita ng extra pati na din ang mga kaibigan nila. Ayos diba?

So paano ba sumali sa TCN?

1. Register sa TextCashNetwork

Magregister dito: http://joxcaoli.textcashnetwork.com/
Fill-up nyo lang po yung form. Tapos dun sa may option for Mobile Carriers, piliin ang Digitel/Suncellular. Although walang nakalagay na option for Globe or Smart, pwede mo pa rin i-register ang Globe/Smart number mo. Piliin mo lang *** Digitel/Sun Cellular sa drop down box at ilagay ang cell no. mo na hindi kasali ang zero sa unahan. Halimbawa 09271234567 ang no. mo, ilalagay mo lang dapat ay 9271234567. Kuha mo?

2. I-activate ang iyong Membership

May marereceive kang confirmation sa e-mail mo. May ipapadala silang Verification Code sa email mo na kailangan mong i-enter sa TCN page kung saan ka nag-register. O diba? Referral agent ka na!

May marereceive ka ding text message from TCN sa cellphone number na nilagay mo sa registration form, magreply ka lang ng YES.
Kailangan may at least P15 pesos ka sa load mo para makapagreply ka. Don't worry kasi one time ka lang naman mababawasan ng load na yun since kailangan mo lang i-verify ang number mo. After, verified member ka na! Congrats!

3. Agree to Receive Text Messages

Ito na ang reason kung bakit ginawa ang TCN. Babayaran ang TCN ng iba't ibang kumpanya para isend ang kanilang text ads about their products/services to as many people as possible.
Ilang messages ba ang marereceive mo araw-araw? Depende yun sayo. Pwedeng 0-5 pero okay na kahit hanggang 5. Pwede mo naman burahin yun after eh. Wala pong charge ang text ads na ipapadala nila.

4. Help Spread the Word Out!

Ibig sabihin po, kailangan tayo mag-advertise about TCN sa iba't ibang sites para mas maraming tao ang makaalam tungkol dito. Pandagdag din po ito ng referral nyo. Bakit? May 10-levels po ang referral system ng TCN. Magrefer kayo ng magrefer - Lalaki ng lalaki ang kita nyo. Ayos ba? Isang ad lang naman ang kailangan mo i-post araw-araw.
Paano ba gawin yun?
Hanapin ang "My Ad Platform" sa iyong account.
Mamili ka lang ng kahit anong format ng ads na ipopost mo sa kahit anong site. Pwedeng pwede na ipost sa Facebook wall mo para makita ng mga kakilala mo.
Where else?
Pwede mo din sya i-post sa blog mo, sa sulit.com, pwede din dito sa pinoyexchange at sa ibang pang forum sites. Malalaman ba ng TCN na totoong nagpost ka? Yes of course. Kasi kailangan mong ilagay yung URL ng pinost mo dun sa "My Ad Platform" na iveverify nila bago ka makareceive ng incentive mo.

5. Share and Earn
Papano ka nga ba kikita? Remember you have to help spread the word? Maraming magsisign-up nyan sakali. Sila na ang magiging permanent downline. Mag-refer ka ng at least 10 people. Sila ang Level 1 downline mo. Pwede din naman more than 10. Mas marami mas ok. AND, yung Level 1 mo, dapat mag-refer din ng at least 10 na magiging Level 2 mo. AND SO ON hanggang Level 10.
UNLIMITED ang pwede mong kitain basta magrefer ka lang ng magrefer.
Kung 2 x 10, pwede kang kumita ng around 2,000 dollars. Laki no?
Check nyo yung website for the complete computation of how much you can earn:


One important point pala na kailangan mong tandaan is nasa prelaunch pa lang ito. Ang official launching ay sa January 6,2012. Ano ibig sabihin nun? Halos may isang buwan ka pa para magrefer at magrefer ng tao bago maglaunch ang site. That means, kaunti pa lang ang taong nakakaalam tungkol dito. Kung pagsisipagan mo lang magrefer habang prelaunching stage pa lang, pwede ka nang umupo na parang Hari/Reyna na walang gagawin kahit na ano pagdating ng panahon. Ikaw na ang nasa tuktok ng Referral system kumbaga. So ano pa hinihintay mo? Register na at i-spread ang good news - TCN!

Free lang ang registration okay? Para magregister, click here:


Happy Earning!!